Monday, 17 March 2014

Autumn Mandalas

{by Mama}

{by Leo}

{by Roman}

Yesterday's craft activity went a little off course, in a good way!

I love mandalas, all different types, and thought that using dried beans would be a good way to tie it in to Autumn. 

I kind of explained what a mandala was to Roman and showed him some examples on Pinterest. 

The thing with Roman is, is that he doesn't really get into arts and crafts when there is an end product set out for him. Bless him though, he tried to follow along, but it was easy to see he lost interest pretty quickly. In the end, he went his own way, drew a caravan, added glue, and then used the beans to so the outline. I'm glad he found his own way to enjoy the craft. I sort of think the caravan looks a bit like Australia, which led us into looking at maps to compare!

Of course Leo just did his own thing from the start, ending up with a fun, mixed media piece ;)

As for me, I'm not arty at all, which is why I often like to follow a formula - play by the rules, so to speak.

Anyway, regardless of the end products, it was really great to sit together for a couple of hours and just do art.

x Shara

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  1. You'll all be designing one for the garden soon Shara!
    cheers Wendy


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