Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Crochet a Woolly Soaker

In order to start saving a bit more money, we've pulled out our old stash of cloth nappies. I've got a couple of waterproof covers and a couple of woolly ones. But to be fully operational, I needed a couple more.

So here's a little recipe to crochet your own cover! It's easily adjustable, less foundation chains for a smaller babe, and more for an older babe. Same goes when you get to width.

I used: 4mm hook and DK 100% wool.

To start: CH 80.

1: HDC in the 3rd CH from the hook, and in every CH to the end. CH 2. Turn.

2: HDC in the BACK LOOPS only, to the end. CH 2. Turn. 

Repeat Row 2, until desired width is reached, approx 23 rows. Break wool, sew in ends.

To make up: Fold in half so the ribbing is vertical. Using your hook and wool you can SC or slip stitch down the side about halfway. Depending on the roundness of the babies legs, you might need a smaller or larger leg opening. I tend to leave a larger leg opening than you think you'd need, so it doesn't cut into baby. You could also just sew the sides up if you wanted to. Repeat on other side. Sew in ends. 

Crochet a chain or make an I-cord twice the length of the waist circumference and weave through the soaker, using your hook, about 1.5 inches from the top.

Lanolinise your soaker and your good to go!

x Shara


  1. That is wonderful. Love the colours you have chosen too. Elaina x

  2. When I think of all the money I have saved by using cloth with Emerson! Only wish I had done it with Cohen, but my Mum talked me out of it. Love the cover, and your gorgeous boy too. :)

  3. Nice design! I used cloth on my little ones too :)

  4. How clever, a crocheted cover!! There seem to be a lot of knitted ones around but as a new knitter (though long time crocheter) they all seemed like they would take too long! I'm liking this one a lot and will take note for when my next grand child appears!!!

  5. So beautiful soft and natural.


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