Sunday, 23 March 2014

Feeling thankful for:

• the ability and tools to cut the boys hair. It saves us around $50 at the barber. Plus, we have a lot of fun experimenting with weird and wonderful styles before buzzing it all off.

• my Mum taking the big boys for the whole day on Saturday. To the beach for swimming, fish & chips and ice cream. They had a great day!

• a wonderful local library. We visit every Thursday afternoon as a family. It has a delightful children's area that keeps the boys occupied while Kaleb and I search out books.

• Caspian joining us at the dinner table.

• 3 little boys all in a row at the dinner table. 3 little boys who all love to eat!

• Sunday morning sleep ins! 

• watching Kung Fu Panda 2 with Roman and giggling non stop together, because that movie is so funny. 

I hope you've got many moments to be grateful for this week!

x Shara

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  1. Lovely gratitudes!

    All of my daughters prefer that I cut their hair at home. I always appreciate that, and they've definitely had some creative styles :)


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