Sunday, 30 March 2014

Feeling thankful for:

• a little baby who has learnt the art of sitting up!

• 3 boys chatting in their pyjamas. A glimpse of the friendship that is forming between them.

• an abundance of rain that has seen us kept indoors for most of the week.

• a large undercover area downstairs. Plenty of room for running and jumping and drying washing on said wet days.

• that my children love to play on these amusement rides even if Mama has no coins!

• days that are so full, some of us can't stay awake during dinner.

• a visit with a dear friend who needed some distraction from waiting for baby. (Pleased to say that a baby boy, Israel, arrived last night!)

I hope you've found some moments of gratitude this past week!

x Shara


  1. Soo cute - all of them. So the tea must have done the trick?
    cheers Wendy

  2. Yay for sitting up baba :-) They grow so quickly... a lovely list :-)

  3. Those three little boys! I love seeing mine interact as well and I often think of the day when they all are a little older and (hopefully!) take care of each other.


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