Sunday, 27 April 2014

Every year... (A gratitude Sunday type of post)

Every year, April gets the better of me! So I'm just going to share some of what I'm grateful for right now!

• Kaleb celebrated his 30th birthday. I made this lovely chocolate cake for him! I'm grateful for such a kind, loving and hands on Husband!

• So much art and creativity. I'm grateful for the chance to get creative with my kids every day!

• Roman spotted 2 Tawny Frogmouths in a tree by our tanks. This led him on a fun fact-finding mission! I'm grateful for the abundance of wildlife around our home and for Roman's curious nature!

• Lots of loving on these 3! I'm grateful to be blessed with 3 wonderful boys!

• Multiple days spent celebrating Leonardo's 3rd Birthday. I'm grateful for this boy who lights up my life everyday and for all the family and friends who celebrated with us!

• I celebrated my 31st birthday (and can't find any photos from that day? I do remember I was sick in bed with tonsillitis) Here I am in a new skirt I made for myself! I'm grateful for the lovely breakfast in bed my guys made me and the day of rest I was able to have!

• LOTS of knitting! I've got weeks of potential Yarn Along posts up my sleeve ;) I'm grateful for hands that work and a hobby that I enjoy!

• Our very first time celebrating Easter! I'm grateful for the fun morning we had together hunting eggs in our garden!

• Caspian celebrated 9 months! He is now crawling and has 6 teeth! I'm grateful for this happy boy, he is so much fun!

• Our first day of Homeschool!! I'm grateful to live in a country that supports different education choices and for a family that supports our choices!

• Did I mention these 3?? Love them soooo much! I'm grateful for the oppurtunities I've had in my life, in particular the opportunity to be called Mama by 3 gorgeous kids!

Phew! Did you make it this far??

I hope your April has been busy and full of love too!

x Shara


  1. Lovely catch up Shara - and some great photos. Pity you were sick on your birthday - did you get to do some knitting at least? Loving the cake/s, skirt, knitting and boys. We all have a lot to be grateful for, particularly this time of year when the seasons change. I'm sure homeschooling will work well for you all. cheers Wendy

  2. Well, Happy Birthday!
    The boys are looking exceptionally grown up in some of those pictures! A very handsome trio you have there.


  3. Happy Birthday! Sorry you were not feeling well :(. Hope you are better now!

  4. So many birthdays!! I just LOVE that farm cake. MMM.


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