Thursday, 1 May 2014

Motif a Day in May (idea from Kate at Foxslane). 1 crochet motif/block each day. 

Me Made May - a pledge to wear a homemade item of clothing or accessory every day in May!

2 daily challenges in the one month... I'm sure I'll bomb out - I usually do! 

Roman is still obsessed with penguins and he's getting quite the collection going. He adopted this giant penguin (+ one other) from the op shop this afternoon. His name is "Numbat". I'm not quite sure how they'll fit into bed together, as you can see Numbat is much larger than Roman!

x Shara


  1. Good luck with your challenges Shara. I often challenge myself, but rarely win!

  2. You are brave :) I managed to buy no new clothes during one year (in 2010) and to finish my 365 challenge of one photo a day that same year. I must have been inspired ;) I hope to start the photo a day again soon since I found it really fantastic to go back and see what we had been up to every single day. I suppose we have instagram for that now, but I would love to gather all pics in an album. Have a great week!


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